Talent Headshot: Natalie Moultrie

You've seen her before on KMBC-9, and now you'll be seeing her again. It's Natalie Moultrie! One of the most recognized television personalities in Kansas City. She's traded everyday news for the excitement of sports at our client Metrosports & TimeWarner. Welcome home, Natalie!
FEEDBACK FROM NATALIE: "Gregg, I wanted to follow up and let you know how much I appreciated the time you took during my photo shoot. The way you invited my input and involved me in the decision making regarding what I wanted to portray in this photo really made a tremendous difference. When I've had head shots taken before it was always about what the photographer wanted to portray, and not really about what I wanted. Some may ask what difference that makes, but I say it's the difference between a head shot that doesn't really "look" like me, and one that captures the sparkle in my eye, that connects to my inner-self--or the real me, it's the difference of letting my personality shine through in a photo, or having a canned expression. So thanks very much for the time you put into the photo shoot! It really was fun and I'm very pleased with the end result! Thanks!"

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